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 9:30am - 2:30pm

Fridays, Saturdays & evenings:
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Information for Students

Click on the links to learn about classes and to find helpful information.

Registration is easy
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Come to our office at 7 Whittlesey Avenue, New Milford (in St. John’s Parish Hall). Office hours are Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 9:30-2:30 and Friday, Saturday, and evenings by appointment. When you register, we will discuss your objectives and assign you to a tutor.

Venga a nuestra oficina:7 Whittlesey Avenue, New Milford (en la parroquia de St. John’s). Las horas de oficina son: Lunes, martes y jueves 9:30-2:30; viernes, sabado, y tardes, con cita previa. Cuando se registre, determinaremos sus objetivos, el programa y su competencia en Ingles. Luego le asignaremos un tutor.

Venha ao nosso escritorio, na 7 Whittlesey Avenue, New Milford (St. John’s Parish Hall) Os horário de atendimento sao segunda, terca, quinta 9: 30-2: 03 e sexta-feira, sábado, e noites com visita marcada. Quando voce registrar nos vamos procurar o programa em ingles que voce precisa de acordo com as suas nescessidades e objetivos. Entao arrumaremos um instrutor para voce.

办公时间为周一和周二 周四 930-2:30,周五,周六,周日和预约晚上。


Applications / Registracion del Estudiante / Ficha de Inscricao

To join a class, simply complete the application form below and read the student commitment so that you know what we expect of our students. Once you have completed the application, return it to us.

How to get us the application:

Once an application is submitted, we meet with each new student to evaluate their English skills and to match them with a tutor.

What are the Classes Like?

Literacy Volunteers on the Green offers flexible class schedules and individualized instruction based on our students’ availability and needs. All of our students have different levels of English language skills as well as varied literacy in their own languages. We meet our students’ needs through small group instruction and one-on-one tutoring, if necessary.

What are the Expectations for Students?

Your tutor is a volunteer and has agreed to meet with you for 1½ hours per week to help you learn English. If you are not able to attend a scheduled meeting, you must call your tutor and reschedule. We hope you will meet with your tutor once a week for one year.
You will learn more if you do homework that is assigned to you, and if you practice English between lessons.
You can help yourself by telling your tutor what you want to learn. Your tutor will plan lessons after asking you what your interests are and what you hope to achieve.
Ask Questions
If you don’t understand something, ask your tutor to explain it again. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid – English is not an easy language to learn!
Keep in Touch
If you need to discontinue lessons, notify your tutor and the office as soon as possible.
There is a suggested donation of $10, but all instructional services are provided free of charge to you.

When are Classes Offered?

Classes meet weekly for ninety-minutes in public locations such as libraries, schools, churches and restaurants in the seven town area and beyond. We have classes six days a week, mornings, afternoons and evenings. We work with our students’ schedules and match each with a tutor at a time and place that fits into when our students are available.

What our Students Say

Fabricio came to the United States eleven years ago. He began to learn English, married, and became an American citizen. Today he works in the furniture industry, but his dream is to join the police force. He told us:

“I’m getting help with my English because I want to speak better and write better. When I feel more comfortable with my English, I will take the Police Department test. The Literacy Volunteer tutoring helps me to understand and pronounce words better. It helps me to get more comfortable with reading English.”

Natalia is a successful piano teacher in New Milford. Below she tells us about her experiences with Literacy Volunteers on the Green:

"My name is Natalia Kolenciak. I am a piano teacher from New Milford. I came to the USA 31/2 years ago from Russia. I had some knowledge of English from our schools, and I was lucky to have a husband who speaks English. It was OK for a short period. But living in a foreign country means you have to understand and speak that language pretty well. I understood right away that I had to start English classes. Now, because of my classes, I feel more confident with people. I teach in two music schools and I have private students. As a teacher I need to communicate a lot with my students and their parents. It’s very important to me that they understand me clearly. So the English classes organized by Literacy Volunteers on The Green are very helpful for me. I am sure I will keep taking the lessons as long as they are available.”


The following is a list of online resources for ESL students.

New Milford Public Library

New Milford Adult Education

Naugatuck Valley Community College

Pro Literacy

National Institute for Literacy

United States Citizenship

Dave's ESL Cafe

Activities for ESL Students

Welcome to the United States
Learn about Immigration and Citizenship, Education and Childcare, Healthcare and Families, Government Benefits, Employment, Finance, Where to learn English, and, much more.

VOA – Special English Edition
Read today’s news written for the English learner. Each article comes with audio to listen to the text.

The Learning Edge
An interactive site teaching topics like understanding classified ads, missing work and more.
*high beginner to high intermediate

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Listening activities for students of all ages.
*all levels

English Club
Study English, play games, meet other students, find pen pals, ask vocabulary questions, get help on English grammar and test yourself.
*intermediate’s Guide to English as a Second Language
Hosted by an English teacher in Tuscany, the site includes quizzes, vocabulary study pages, interactive polls, chat rooms, pen pal information, and a weekly e-mail newsletter.
* intermediate to advanced

Hospital – English for the medical profession
FREE on-line materials for medical professionals studying English.

This site has basic information about everything from geography to word games, science to sports.

This site has many puzzles and games, with especially good math activities.

An extension for the FireFox browser to help people learning English. It will translate an English word into French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional or Simplified Chinese when mouse cursor hovers over it. With one click, it will remember all context of the word, such as URL of the page and the paragraph which the word belongs to. You can get Pronunciation of the word with a flash. Allows you to write a note for the word. (FREE)